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We provide personalized, comprehensive financial planning—focused on making life’s financial journey more secure and comfortable—for successful families, executives, and small businesses in Colorado and the Mountain states.


Brannon Hertel, AIF®

As a financial advisor and planner for more than a decade, I focus on managing my clients’ overall financial health by providing a comprehensive, integrated financial plan.  I want to make sure that we address each client’s most important long-term financial goals and needs and implement an investment portfolio that is closely tied to the financial plan.

I am an Accredited Investment Fiduciary®, which means I have met educational, competence, conduct and ethical standards to carry out a fiduciary standard of care and serve the best interests of my clients. I focus objectively on the needs of my clients instead of emphasizing a specific product or company. Independence allows me to advocate for clients by making recommendations appropriate to their specific plan and tolerance for risk. I employ both fee-based and blended approaches with clients.

Prior to working in financial services, I was a teacher for many years.  My passion for education continues in financial services, as I make sure my clients understand what we are doing and why. 

I have an M.A. in Teaching Humanities from Colorado College and a B.A. in English with Creative Writing emphasis from the University of Kansas.

I live in Littleton with my wife, Cheryl, and four children. When I’m not watching my kids play their various sports and activities, you might find me on the golf course or ski slopes. I am an avid Kansas Jayhawks basketball, Broncos, Avalanche and Rockies fan. One unusual note—I played collegiate racquetball (yes, that’s a thing).



We focus on helping Executives understand their equity compensation, employer benefits and accelerate their financial progress all while planning for their financial goals. We have experience with technology and aerospace executives, along with many others. Our Executive Services include:

  • Helping you plan for and achieve a suitable, well-funded retirement through retirement and retirement income planning, including consulting on retirement plan options at work
  • Helping you minimize, or even eliminate, financial concentration risk
  • Protecting assets and helping you minimize potential liabilities through insurance planning
  • Pre-IPO Planning & Post-IPO guidance to ensure you successfully navigate your options
  • Helping you leave a legacy for loved ones and preferred charities through estate planning, with a focus on tax management
  • Managing taxes through personalized strategies

Small Business Owners

We help business owners integrate your business and personal planning in order to achieve efficiencies and put in place integrated tax and retirement planning opportunities. Whether you are focused on growing your business or focused on a potential sale, we can help you through a range of targeted services, including

  • Helping you protect your business through insurance
  • Employee benefits consulting to enhance employee satisfaction and keep your business competitive
  • Making sure you understand—and implement— your employee benefit options
  • Creating the most effective structure for your business
  • Choosing and implementing the right retirement plan(s), including setting up the right compensation structure
  • Implementing advanced tax-management strategies for your business and personal finances

Successful Families

From education planning to retirement to helping you a legacy for the next generation, we take a comprehensive, integrated approach to planning and investing. This includes:

  • Helping you plan for and and build a suitable, well-funded retirement through retirement and retirement income planning
  • Making sure your portfolio supports your long-term goals through Evidence-Based investment management
  • Helping you plan and prepare for educating children (and even grandchildren)
  • Managing taxes through  personalized strategies
  • Helping you understand and navigate your options around Social Security, Medicare, long-term care and healthcare directives
  • Helping you leave a legacy for loved ones and preferred charities through estate planning
  • Working closely with your other financial professionals, including your CPA and Estate Attorney, to ensure an efficient and coordinated approach


Our approach to planning and investing is grounded in decades of research, data and best practices, covering everything from behavioral finance to the latest research on sustainable rates of withdrawal in retirement.


Understand your most important goals and priorities


Build a portfolio, grounded in evidence and academic research, to help power your plan


Keep your plan and portfolio from being disrupted by the unexpected


Provide ongoing advice and guidance and make sure everything and stays on track


To offer our clients the highest level of service and support, we have partnered with a select group of companies who share our client-first focus.

This means that the financial plans and portfolios we build together are designed to help you achieve your most important goals with confidence. We use a flexible and dynamic four-step process.

Provides our firm with compliance oversight and operational support for fee-based accounts. Member of Sigma Financial Corporation.

Parkland Securities, LLC

Provides us with business infrastructure, including compliance oversight and operational support. Member of Sigma Financial Corporation.

Symmetry Partners

Symmetry Partners creates best-of-breed, Evidence-Based investment solutions that leverage investment factors historically associated with helping to drive returns. 

One of our two primary investment partners.  American Funds has a strong reputation built on almost a century of service.

MAC Insurance Services

Independent insurance and financial services agency providing home, auto, and business insurance to individuals and companies. Provides solutions and day-to-day support for our business.

Let us help guide you through life's financial journey!

Photo Credit: Brannon Hertel This is a picture of my family whitewater rafting on the Arkansas River outside Buena Vista, Colorado.  A quick introduction: on the right is my daughter Taylor, then my sons Max, Ben, and Sean.  There’s my wife, Cheryl.  And there’s me in the top right.  My family is pretty athletic.  I think we might have made it down the river on our own.  It might have been a bit stressful . . . we might have some bumpy, dicey moments, but I think we would make it okay.  I will say, though, that our guide, Sara, was a tremendous help in making our journey more enjoyable and probably even safer.  That’s the role I strive to play in my clients’ lives – to help them navigate the waters of retirement more safely and contribute to an enjoyable retirement


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